The People Tree Wheelchair Campaign

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The People Tree Autumn / Winter jewellery collection has been created at Bombolulu, a ground breaking project in Kenya which gives valuable employment to disabled artisans. Here, we give an insight into the problems facing the workshop and how you can help…


Kenya. An area of the world where the fate of most physically disabled people and their families is to beg on the streets for the equivalent of a few pence per day. A nation too poor to offer disabled people the support of healthcare, education and proper employment, unlike in the UK. For these people,
the Bombolulu Workshop in Mombasa is a shining example of a social business, in extremely
adverse circumstances.

Bombolulu was established 40 years ago to train physically disabled people in skills such as jewellery making, leatherwork, textiles production and carving, helping people to help themselves, escape poverty and work with dignity, a fair wage, child care and health support.

Today, the workshop employs 100 people and is a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.

The current global recession has affected not only the big industries and banks in the Western world, but also grassroots social businesses such
as Bombolulu.

Additionally, the violence that followed the general election in 2008 discouraged tourism in Kenya, resulting in a dramatic fall in the Bombolulu’s sales, both within Kenya and internationally, which places the future of Bombolulu in jeopardy; this is where People Tree is trying to help.


People Tree has been working with Bombolulu for 15 years, and this year, in order to boost international sales and alleviate this situation, we have created a stunning new jewellery collection of brass and batik earrings, necklaces, chokers and bracelets.

These simple yet striking pieces of jewellery are made to a very high standard in the Bombolulu Workshop.

Both chokers and bold earrings are huge trends for the coming season, so this range is an excellent way to update your summer wardrobe for autumn and keep ahead of fashion!


And if you need another reason to buy these beautiful new pieces, just remember that your purchase will directly contribute towards improving the quality of life of a child in Kenya. For every 100 pieces of this range sold, People Tree will give the profits to fund a tricycle wheelchair for a disabled child in desperate need, who would otherwise be without any means of mobility or independence.


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