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Japan, One Year After 3.11 Screening + Talk event

Thank you to everyone who came down to the screening of our film ‘Japan, One Year After 3.11’and the talk event held at our People Tree shop in Juyugaoka last night. We are so grateful for all your feedback.

People Tree Fair Trade Fashion Revolution Party with Alexa Chung!

People Tree opens London Fashion Week with an eco point of view!

Safia Minney (People Tree CEO and Founder) and Harriet Lamb (Director of the Fairtrade Foundation) had the pleasure of hosting celebrities such as Alexa Chung, journalists and bloggers at the People Tree Fair Trade Fashion Revolution Party.

People tree photoshoot in the autumn sunshine

We finished the lookbook shoot for 2012 SS, Summer edition and AW in Japan last month. It was rather warm for end of October and we took some great shots.

London St Pauls protest can stay until New Year!

Leading financiers, business people and opinion leaders are adding to the debate about corporate governance, greed and accountability. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and even David Cameron are stating their cases in the current crisis about not cutting aid, about tax the rich better, and holding banks accountable.

The most perfect day at the beach this year – Japan

The most perfect day at the beach this year – Japan

We headed down to Izu last night, which is south of Tokyo. We stayed in a beautiful eco-lodge called Villa Shirahama. The team of 10 divided ourselves up between a room for boys and a room for girls, and I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for a loooong time.

Our global economy – a sick system

There’s little good coverage of the protests in London, spurred on by Wall Street and the deepening financial crisis.

A visit from Sister Vineetha, Founder of Assisi Garments

Last week Sister Vineetha, Founder of Assisi Garments, India, People Tree’s biggest partner, visited us.

Simple Things Make You So Happy

My son invited me to his digs at his new university – He’s studying to be an engineer at UCL. I thought I’d only get a peak at his room and take him out to dinner, but he made us dinner in his shared kitchen-dining room and sat himself at the head of the table!

Gorgeous inside and out

I caught up with Dean Newcombe who is a sweet English chap from Nottingham who’s  living in Japan. He switches from volunteering in Ishinomaki in Tohoku to modeling in Tokyo.

Update from London

For those of you not based in London or one of the UK cities that were affected you will have seen the events of the last week on TV and in the papers. It’s been a challenging time but things have  started to calm down and we are all very much hoping for peaceful weeks ahead.

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